Tompkins County to Allocate $100,000 to Jail Re-Entry Program

Thanks to added funding, Tompkins County will see the beginning of a new program with goals of both humanitarian and economic benefit. The 2016 Tompkins County budget was adopted Nov. 17. Nestled among the usual estimated expenditures is a $100,000 contingency fund, set aside to help jumpstart a jail re-entry program, said County Administrator Joe […]


Local jazz trio finds deeper meaning in music

It was getting dark outside, and the room was aglow with a dim, soft lighting. The earthy smell of old wood and cocktails brushed the air just enough to set the mood — and then the music started. The jazz music: jumping piano notes and nimble drum beats a smooth double bass. This wasn’t your […]


CrossFit resonates with the Ithaca community

There has been a spike in the fitness world, and the international trend has resonated with the Ithaca community as well. It’s called CrossFit. From Nov. 5–9, CrossFit Lift Off, an online CrossFit competition, will pit any interested men and women from around the world against each other to see who can do the best […]

IPD Explorers Post

Police department revitalizes community outreach program

By Kira Maddox and Kelsey McKim About eight kids sat in a room in the Ithaca Police Department at seven o’clock in the evening, spread out at long tables, looking forward at a lone officer. But Richard Niemi wasn’t dressed for duty, and the kids weren’t in trouble. He was sitting back in a chair […]

The non-invasive x-ray technology at Cornell University has allowed Jamestown archaeologists to penetrate artifacts without damaging them.

Cornell University technology aids archaeological discovery

State-of-the-art equipment at Cornell University has allowed researchers to uncover key artifacts from America’s early history. Mark Riccio, co-director of the Cornell Biotechnology Resource Center’s imaging facilities, was joined by two archaeologists and conservators in April as they tried to unlock secrets hidden within select excavated artifacts. The items date back to the early 1600s, found […]

Students in select courses will be using the organic garden to help them with classwork.

Ithaca College organic garden creates new opportunities for hands-on learning

A new, hands-on way of learning is in the works for Ithaca College’s health and sociology departments. In Fall 2015, Food and Society and Globalization of Food, a health course and sociology course, respectively, will be implementing the college’s on-campus organic garden to create a learning experience that will allow students to better understand their […]