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A Picture of Me

A studious journalist diligently reading away… mostly.

So, I see you’ve found my blog — fabulous! Whether you stumbled upon this by accident or I personally invited you, I welcome you and hope you stick around to read along.

My name is Kira Maddox, and as of this post I’m a journalism major, sociology minor at Ithaca College, though I hail from the Utica area. I now work for The Ithacan, Ithaca College’s award-winning, student-run publication. I started off as a copy editor, making myself known for working long, unpaid hours; being particularly meticulous; and sitting on the floor in front of the filing cabinet in the corner. However, I quickly moved up the copy/proof section ranks and now hold a place on the editorial board as the managing editor.

Truth be told, I had no idea I wanted to be a journalist until I blindly declared my major and entered my first year of college. But as I started studying the field in-depth and doing hands-on work, I realized something about myself:

I really like to cause a ruckus.

I fell in love with the higher calling ideal that journalism has to offer — the idea of being a watchdog to the watchdogs, and keeping people (mainly public officials and those in power) in line for the good of the public. Though I can admit that much of today’s modern media have fallen away from this goal, I hold in my heart the belief that it can get back on track — or at least that I can.

This blog began as a feature of the Social Media Journalism course I enrolled in last year, and at the time it focused on my then-beat of cops and courts. However, I have since fallen away from that area of expertise. Moving forward, you can expect to see an array of different things. I wish I could tell you more specifics, but at this point in time I’m not quite sure where my journalistic focus is.

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